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Wedding Dance Choreography: Bring your love to the dance floor

I believe taking dance lessons for your wedding is one, if not the most important gifts you can give yourself. Amongst all the wedding chaos, it is so easy to get lost in the midst of the stress and worry of planning.

Your first dance is one of the most important and intimate moments of the night. Favored by not only by you guys, the bride and the groom but also enjoyed and welcomed by the guests.

My choreography is very intuitive based and stylized uniquely to bring out your love to the dance floor. Whether you want simple moves or dramatically stylized steps, you will never feel it was not you dancing on your wedding day. But you will want to feel comfortable, confident and really cool doing it.

Private Dance Lesssons: Learn to dance for any occasion, at any event confidently!

Get into Groove learn the basic fundamentals for social events.  Without feeling overwhelmed and intimidated you will learn stpes and movements comfortably to dance to any beat, confidently and by having fun.

Internationally Known Need to learn Armenian, Persian or Salsa, Social Dancing, for your own any up coming event?

Your Own Class: Custom design your class. Wheater, its private, hip hop or a mix of a style or technique that you want to learn or get into, let Emma, know and she can custom design a class that best fits you to grow and learn how to dance without feeling intimidated.

Creative Direction:

I would love to bring any story and vision you have to live. Whether it be for stage, film music video, commercial and or a demo for a product,  I have a great deal of intuitive passion to connect dance and story together to bring something to life.

 I creating a treatment that would best fit your vision ideas and product that would convey through each movement and capture the essences of the message.


Creative Contemporary Choreography

Women’s Beginners Heels Class

Men’s Only Get your Swag On Class

Salsa Class

Country Line Dancing

Armenian Social Dancing Soorjbar