Creative Contemporary Choreography is a technique based on elements of emotion and the imaginary of the body. We will be using some elements from, Elements of Dance B.E.S.T. Body, Energy, Space and Time. 

I have created this class not only for professional dancers but also for non-dancers and beginner choreographers. This concept is also great when working with actors, stage performers and with props.

The technique helps choreographers and dancers better understand their bodies to freestyle and improvise choreography on the spot. This skill is highly beneficial for auditions and showcase demonstrations. They will also learn to utilize their time and movement wisely, which will help them to direct their artistic vision to be executed in the right direction.

The reason I love this technique and this way of choreography is because it allows you to draw a direct line between personal experiences and the body movement. Everything is raw, real and personal: you do not have to be professionally trained. The performers feel alive and free. They are telling a story and at the same time, they create a dance. 
This past summer I was invited to Athens, Greece to teach a workshop on my Choreography technique. Please enjoy the following demo. 

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