Welcome To My Virtual Dance Studio
And To My World of Dance. 
Where I believe, you should come as you are and leave as a Pro.


I am
Emma and this is why I am truly grateful every day!

I am 
Dancer, Choreographer, and Dance Educator and I see the best in people’s soul when they dance.  

I create stories through movements and turn non-dancers into dancers. Whether, I am teaching, performing or choreographing, my mission is to always inspire, ignite passion and to instill confidence. I am beyond proud to say, that I have humbly accomplished this task for many years. 
Just like my outfits, I love to mix and match my dance styles. It's much more interesting to wear and watch.

Being that I am a versatile, dancer and come from a multi-cultural background, this allows me to connect with my students, audience, and clients in a deeper and personal level.

I am so grateful that my gift has turned me into a Niche Choreographer. I bring my couples love stories to life, by custom designing their first dance and they walk out of my studio feeling like a pro!

I still remember the very first time I performed. Things may fade, but the feeling of a dance will always be yours to feel.  That's exactly what I wanted for my clients. I wanted them to have fun amongst all the chaos of the wedding planning. I wanted for them to have a dance to always remember and I wanted the grooms to be part of the ride.
I am truly grateful that I get to share my passion with them on their special day. To know that they are genuinely inspired and changed, by my teachings and choreography. My heart is forever full!
                     Can't wait to Dance with you!  


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