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Sharing Her Passion For Dance Through Choreography, Dance Education and Performance

 When you are blessed with such an amazing gift, it is only right to share your passion with others.


“I love incorporating classically trained styles such as Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-Hop, with my multi-cultural ballroom background!! Just like my outfits, I love mix and matching my dance styles and techniques, much more interesting to wear and watch!” The Stage is another place where you will find Emma Mesrobian sharing her true passion with the world. Her stage presence is emotionally captivating and fiercely hot!! Make sure to catch her on her next performance!

Wedding Choreographer

Custom Design your first dance! Let pro- choreographer Emma Mesrobian who has worked and trained with these successful TV shows, dancing with The Stars, The Biggest Loser and Brides of Beverly Hills Turn you into a pro! Amongst all the wedding chaos why not take time for your selves to have a little fun and learn a dance. I wanted my couples to have fun, to have a special dance they could always remember and for the grooms to be part of the ride! :) Make Your First Dance Memorable, Take The Right Steps!

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